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Creating a comfortable lifestyle for pregnant moms that work

Here to support you mentally and emotionally as you process your thoughts and feelings and work to discover your best way of “doing” pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Coaching Benefits

At Real Nurturers, our goal is to encourage, motivate, and empower every mom to be during all stages of expectancy. Already pregnant, about to give birth, and even postpartum!  

Achieve Birth Goals

Do not know how to start and what to include in your birth plan?

Decreased Anxiety

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by the preparation process and uncertain when or how to begin?

24/7 Support

Living far from family or on bed rest, and in need of a little extra support to help prepare?

Baby Product Expertise

Do not know where to start with selecting items for your baby registry?

About Me


Expecting Mothers Coached


Amazing Children


Years Nursing

Hi, I'm Carlisa Brown RN, MSN

Carlisa, a mother of four, a  Registered Nurse, and a Pregnancy Success Coach who understands the pains and struggles that come along with working while pregnant.

What I Provide

Our goal is to help moms find joy, happiness, less anxiety, and a since of preparedness for motherhood. Nurse moms and/or expectant moms can benefit from coaching

Free Private Consultations

A free consultation for us to break the ice and for me to better get to know you.

Birth Plan Preparation

Real Nurturers individualized birth plan discussing your wishes and goals before, during, and after delivery.

Coaching Sessions

Weekly planning and pregnancy progression sessions.

Postpartum Game Plan

Postpartum Game Plan

A beginning to end individualized birth plan for pre and post pregnancy.

Learn the secrets to Pregnancy Success

With Pregnancy Success Coaching, things just got a whole lot easier. 

Birth Plan Prep
$85one-time investment
  • 1 hour private video chat

  • Q & A session of birth plan review

  • Real Nurturers Customized Birth Plan

  • On-going E-mail Support

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Pregnancy Grow & Glow Experience
$150one-time investment
  • (2)1-hour private video coaching sessions

  • Controlling Morning and All-Day Sickness

  • Taking Care of Self and Baby Bump

  • Work and Life Balance Routines

  • Maternity Leave Preparation

  • Personal Experiences Question & Answers

  • Fear and Anxiety Exploration

  • Tips for Comfortability at Work

  • 1 Month Check-in and Follow-Up

  • Ongoing E-mail Support

  • Or, we can customize to your specifications!

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Postpartum Game Plan
$675$375one-time investment
  • (5) 1-hour weekly video coaching sessions

  • Real Nurturers Post Partum Plan

  • Baby Care Assist once Home

  • Breastfeeding Support and Bonding

  • Requests of Visitors (Maternity Ward and Home)

  • Essentials Supplies Needed Once Home

  • Self-Care Practices

  • Other Family Members Needs and Care (children, spouse, pets, etc.)

  • Post Partum Appointments and Other Engagements

  • On-going E-mail Support

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What They Say

Don’t just take my word for it! Read reviews from mothers who have used a range of my services.

Carlisa has provided a safe space to ask questions, work through topics together, and help build a confidence for bringing our baby into the world. Carlisa's well-informed and empathetic approach to coaching provided me and my family the opportunity to be vulnerable and prepare me for birth in a supportive and thorough way. Thank you so much

    The Williams Family
    The Williams Family

    For Support

    As a first-time mom I had been breastfeeding for 4 weeks with excruciating pain while feeding and just in general. I was at the end of my rope ready to call it quits because I wasn’t seeing any improvement like people kept telling me I would see. Through tears I messaged Carlisa and I am so thankful I did! She was quick to reply and quick to find time to video chat. She made me feel very comfortable to share all the details of what I was experiencing. I needed this!

      Nyasia White
      Nyasia White

      For Postpartum

      Carlisa gave excellent coaching and expertise, while addressing us individually (mom and dad). Her consultation gave me my bearings and provided me with confidence to approach the birth. I am thankful for Chandler helping my husband and I prepare for the birth and determine what my husbands place in delivery should be. I believe that her coaching was invaluable and will greatly increase our confidence and enjoyment of delivery.

        Johanna M.
        Johanna M.

        For Pregnancy Coaching

        Carlisa has made walking through pregnancy so manageable and encouraging! She has helped me understand a lot more about pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

          Alisha Y.
          Alisha Y.

          For Pregnancy & Postpartum

          You Ready Mama?

          Lets find out if we are a perfect match. This is your oppurtunity for you to discuss your needs and/or desires and for me to detail the services I offer with hopes of meeting your needs. This is a free phone consultation where we will get to know each other through Q&A.

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